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Welcome to the Canadian Sanitation Supply Association of Warrick!

Sanitation is an important aspect for companies in the transport industry. Without proper sanitation facilities and products, these companies will not be able to deliver their products and services in the manner that they should and they will be unable to live up to their social and environmental responsibilities. 

The Canadian Sanitation Supply Association of Warrick is an association of manufacturers of sanitation supply materials located in Warrick, Canada. Our association represents companies that manufacture, distribute and sell sanitary products and services to the transport industry. Our main purpose is to make sure that our members deliver quality services backed by professionalism, proper business conduct and ethics and technical knowledge and expertise. 

As a non-profit organization, the Canadian Sanitation Supply Association of Warrick organizes many different events on a yearly basis in support of its members, the environment and the transport industry.  These events are mostly aimed at creating awareness about environment, health and the importance of sanitation. 

Benefits to Members

Being a member of the Canadian Sanitation Supply Association of Warrick has many benefits. Whether it is partaking in our trade show or following one of our online sales training, we will make sure that you gain valuable knowledge and experience for your investment and belief in our organization. Our team of expert sanitation and transport consultants are here to answer any questions that you may have and if necessary they can schedule a FREE phone consultation with you to help you better structure and organize your business.

Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits that your membership grants you access to.

Regional Trade Shows

Free Magazine Subscription

Free Advice from Experts

Web Based Sales Training

Whatever region you are operating your business in, our regional trade shows ensure that your business gets maximum exposure and you get a chance to showcase what you are offering directly to the customers.

You get FREE subscription to our Sanitation Magazine which has a monthly edition. This way you will get to know about what’s happening and coming up in the sanitation supply industry as well as the transport industry.

As a member, you can contact any of our sanitation and transport agents to request advice on any concerns that your company may be struggling with.

We offer web based sales training which is aimed at helping you in registering more sales for the current amount of products that you are offering.

Become a member today!

Joining our association is no rocket science. All you need to be is a registered manufacturer of sanitation supply or cleaning products in any state of Canada. This is more than enough in order to apply for being a member. By being a member you will not only get all the above mentioned benefits but will be eligible for  more benefits which you can check out in detail on our website. Our website also features tons of other details about us, the programs we organize and the members that we currently have. 


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Happy Clients

Read some of the inspiring feedback that we received from some of our valuable members!

I got to know about this association from a friend who is a transporter of sanitation supply. We have been manufacturing sanitation pads since 1996 and now we are seeking to go a level ahead by joining this association. Looking forward to it.
By Loyd A. Kern
Kylie Logistics

Happy Clients

Read some of the inspiring feedback that we received from some of our valuable members!

This association’s platform is like a wiki of sanitation industry. You simply cannot do well in the business unless you are connected to others who are in your line. This way you learn a lot while sharing your knowledge with others.
By Sara T. Schuck
Schuck Transport and Delivery